Most frequent questions and answers

The way we source our designs and produce our collections means that some of our items are only available in small quantities and may, therefore, be sold out. Please note that the majority of our pieces are limited edition and will not be returning in the future.

If you want any of these designs, let us know at info@uaia.co and we can confirm if we can do it again exclusively for you.

The nature of our products means they sell out quickly and this allows us to hold your place to make sure you get what you want.  The item will be shipped by the date shown in the product description.  Please note that your card will be charged fully when a preorder is placed.  This is the only way we can allocate the item to you. 

Once an order is placed, it cannot be modified or canceled. However feel free to email Customer Service at info@uaia.co and one of our representatives will do their best to accommodate your change.

Authentic uaía products are available on our website (www.uaiadesign.com) and at our stockist’s locations. Please contact Customer Service for specific inquiries.

Our company does not offer merchandise for sale through individuals, flea markets, unauthorized retail locations, or at auctions.

As one cohesive unit, we participate in numerous enforcements such as taking legal actions against counterfeits through takedown of the counterfeit websites

You sure can! Please report any counterfeit websites or sellers at info@uaia.co Please provide location of the merchandise, style of product(s) offered, and website. Thanks for your cooperation!